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Snookball Rules of the game

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  1. Size 5 snookball circumference 68 - 70 cm, Diameter = 22 cm.
  2. Size 4 snookball circumference 64 - 66 cm, Diameter = 21 cm.
  3. Size 3 ,snookball circumference 60 - 61 cm, Diameter = 19.4 cm .
  4. Size 5 snookball Diameter = 22 cm.
  5. Size 4 snookball Diameter = 21 cm.
  6. Size 3 ,snookball Diameter = 19.4 cm .

Snookball Build

  • snooker soccer ball consist of 16 balls. Game resemble with snooker rules and a white soccer ball is used in place of cue. One set of snookball cost 199.00 including ground shipping to your address worldwide depending on your location. You can place your order by email .
  • Email us at [email protected].
  • Balls are available in stock and will be shipped immediately. Express shipping is also available on extra charges. Please email us your choice of shipping so we adjust the price accordingly.
  • Snookball Wooden triangle is also availabe seprately.

Online Resources

What is Snookball.

  • SnookBall is a mixture of snooker and soccer (football) .it’s real fun as we kick the ball into pockets instead of using a cue stick , the ball used to kick is called cue ball , it is of white color. snookball is played on a giant table that multiple players can play on. Rules of the game are similar to snooker, except that we use our feet instead of a cue and the poolballs are replaced by footballs. Standard size is size 4 football however you can also use size 3 or size 5 in order to adjust the size according to the pockets installed with your table.
  • Normally its a 2 player game, but 4 players can also play same as done in snooker. All the balls used in the game look of standard billiards balls, but of size of soccer ball. Cue white ball is slightly heavier than the rest of the balls but its not compulsry.

Snookball Tables

There are many ways to contribute to our project:

  • Because of very high cost of the snookball tables there is also a growing trend of building the table DIY ( do it yourself ) in backyard of homes. To reduce the cost people use carpet with wooden planks installed by themselves as importing the whole table from abrod costs around 3000.00$ due to heavy shipping cost. snookball table size: 6.6x3.6x0.2meters On the other hand snookball ball sets are generally available at very reasonable prices of around 224.00$ to 300.00$ including shipping to most parts of the world. Companies are also getting their logo printed on the snookballs for promotional purpose.
  • Snookball is rapidly growing sport and rules are flexible allowing players to mix up. you can also create your own. Public is having lot of fun with this game and it is creating lot of interest and there is growing trend to arrange birthdays parties, weddings, private parties, festivals, , corporate exhibitions with snookball.
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Free wooden triangle & balls & synthetic grass carpet , Free logo design & painting, More optional extra available.